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Planning a party for your 3-year old? Why not consider Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Down on the Farm, Once Upon A Time, or Teddy Bear Tea? These parties are themed for a younger age, and would be perfect for your child and their friends.

Is your child about to celebrate his/her 4th Birthday? In addition to the three parties listed above, consider also Dinosaur Hunt, Hurry, Hurry Ride the Firetruck, Once Upon A Time, Rev Your Engines, and Superhero! All of these party themes are full of fun, adventure, and are sure to leave kids with big smiles and fond memories.

Got a 5-year old to plan a party for? Consider the above eight options, as well as Hula! Hula! Hula! That is nine party choices to select from, so match the perfect one for your child and have a great time while Oogles n Googles handles the hard work of entertaining the crowd!

Six-year old parties are sure to be fun. This will probably be your last chance to select Dinosaur Hunt, Down on the Farm, Hurry, Hurry Ride the Firetruck, Once Upon A Time, or Superhero. But just because your child is turning 6, there are a number of other choices that are sure to be a hit with the crowd: Hula! Hula! Hula!, Pom Pom Princess, Pop Rock Party, Rev Your Engines, Swashbuckling Pirates, Tea Time, and Wizard School are also available for your child and friends—that's twelve themes to choose from!!

For ages seven and eight, consider a themed party such as Hula! Hula! Hula!, I Spy Detetive School, Pom Pom Princess, Pop Rock Party, Rev Your Engines, Swashbuckling Pirates, Tea Time, or Wizard School, all of which are sure to mean fun for the kids and less stress for the parents.

We still have plenty of themed fun for nine and ten-year olds. Why not consider some super sleuthing fun with I Spy Detective School, or a cheer-ful celebration with Pom Pom Princess; you can always have some singing and music-making fun with Pop Rock Party or a sophisticated celebration for the ladies with Tea Time. Even though the kids are older, fun, excitement, and themed parties are still a hit!

Chugga Chugga Choo ChooChugga Chugga Choo Choo

All aboard for adventure in this train expedition adventure!! Suggested ages 3 to 5.

Dinosaur HuntDinosaur Hunt

Join us for a prehistoric adventure ... and don't be afraid!! Suggested ages 4 to 6.

Down On The FarmDown on The Farm

Yee-haw!! Come have a "down home" good time!! Suggested ages 3 to 6.

Hula! Hula! Hula!Hula! Hula! Hula!

Come have tropical fun with grass skirts and leis!! Suggested ages 5 to 8.

Hurry, Hurry Ride the FiretruckHurry, Hurry Ride the Firetruck

Have a blazing good time with this fire fighter themed party! Suggested ages 4 to 6.

I Spy Detective SchoolI Spy Detective School

Figure out Who Dun It in your very own mystery party!! Suggested ages 7 to 10.

Once Upon A TimeOnce Upon A Time

Celebrate your child's birthday like royalty!! Suggested ages 3 to 6.

Pom Pom PrincessPom Pom Princess

This spirited cheer celebration of will light up the room!! Suggested ages 6 to 10.

Pop Rock PartyPop Rock Party

Experience fame and excitement in this non-stop themed party!! Suggested ages 6 to 10.

Rev Your EnginesRev Your Engines

Gentlemen, start your engines at this electrifying birthday party!! Suggested ages 4 to 8.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a super birthday party!! Suggested ages 4 to 6.

Swashbuckling PiratesSwashbuckling Pirates

Search for buried treasure in this adventure-filled birthday party!! Suggested ages 6 to 8.

Tea TimeTea Time

An elegant celebration complete with a runway show!! Suggested ages 6 to 10.

Teddy Bear TeaTeddy Bear Tea

Have a "bear"y good time with your special bear and friends!! Suggested ages 3 to 5.

Wizard SchoolWizard School

Learn spells and potions at this imaginative themed party! Suggested ages 6 to 8.

All Oogles n Googles all-inclusive theme parties include:

  • Two-hours of non-stop action led by two Oogles n Googles trained party professionals
  • Oogles n Googles postcard style invitations and thank you notes
  • A structured, well planned party full of imagination, games, and songs
  • Themed Birthday Party Cake
  • Plates, cups, napkins, and flatware
  • Unique party favors that match the theme
  • Souvenir photos for each child
  • Special gift for the guest of honor


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