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Tea Time

Tea Time Birthday Parties

Lovely ladies who enjoy fine things – from elegant gowns and fancy hats to a beautifully set table with fine china and candlesticks – will find that this formal gathering breeds sophistication. The ladies will be delighted to receive a formal invitation requesting their presence to an elegant 2-hour tea party. This party is perfect for children ages 6 through 10.

Upon arriving at the lady's English estate, your guests will frolic in an array of activities, crafts and song suited for the formal occasion including the Sugar Lump Relay, Pass the Tea Bag, and Manners Ms. Manners. The guests will then transform themselves into shear beauties applying their makeup, changing into their formal gowns and taking a walk down the runway to show off their splendid fashions.

No show would be complete without the souvenir photograph. From the runway, they will be escorted to the table for tea and cake. This party is truly divine!!