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Listen to CEO Kevin Mendell talk about Oogles n Googles on the Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise Show, 8/31/2005

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Some Franchise Locations:

Oogles n Googles of Honolulu HI Party Location
Honolulu, Hawaii

Oogles n Googles Party Room in Carmel, Indiana
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Everything you need for a fun-filled zany birthday party.
Lafayette, Indiana

What is an Oogles n Googles™ Franchise Opportunity?

Oogles n Googles™ is the hottest new kids franchise opportunity to hit the franchising world. Oogles n Googles™, the happiest new franchise, is helping children everywhere to celebrate happy birthdays. Oogles n Googles™ creates extraordinary birthday party experiences for children and their families.

IndyStar.com May 29, 2006

Oogles of Fun: Local children's birthday party firm is sprouting franchises galore and having a good time doing it

By Dana Knight

The kids' party planning industry is a growing, multimillion-dollar concern. It's included in the away-from-home entertainment category, one that in the past 15 years has seen spending increase 20 percent for married couples with children, according to White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group.

"We want to be the largest in the country," said Kevin Mendell, who met his wife when both were getting business degrees from Indiana University. "I think we can. A lot of success in business has to do with passion."

And anyone who wants to be a franchisee had better get excited. The Mendells have turned down numerous candidates seeking to franchise Oogles n Googles. The couple employs a vigorous screening process to make sure the franchise owners will represent the company well.

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View our Inside Indiana Business interview with Gerry Dick about the concept and franchise opportunities.

Why is Oogles n Googles™ a unique party option?

Oogles n Googles™ provides a magical service: turning ordinary children into fairytale princesses, swashbuckling pirates, magic-conjuring wizards, and pop rock divas. While the normal child's birthday party consists of kids running around going wild, Oogles n Googles™ parties consist of two hours of organized, captivating fun-filled activities. Birthday party participants will enjoy an enormous variety of never-dull party events, including: storytelling, crafts, dress up, pretend play, scavenger hunts, dancing, singing, and games.

Oogles n Googles™ parties are for today's over-committed, time-limited parents who, despite their overwhelming schedules, still just want a wholesome, fun, and memorable birthday party for their children. Oogles n Googles™ parties take all this into consideration, and put forth a party that is easy on mom and dad and eventful for all who are involved.

What makes Oogles n Googles™ such a great franchise opportunity?

An Oogles n Googles™ Franchise provides an exciting and thrilling work experience for anyone who is looking for a unique business opportunity.  Oogles n Googles™ is fun, edu-taining, colorful, and a remarkable children's entertainment franchise. Oogles n Googles™ caters to children ages three to ten—the incredibly powerful and influential children's market.

These benefits make Oogles n Googles™ very attractive to anyone who is interested in owning a home-based business that offers proven and steady growth opportunities. Oogles n Googles™ offers franchise owners these impressive options:

  • Own a protected territory that includes a population of 50,000 children in the zip codes of your choice.
  • A well-tested, tried and true successful business model franchise owners can use as a guiding compass.
  • An affordable franchise business that will require reasonable and realistic financial requirements to launch and succeed.
  • A brand-name product supported by the Oogles n Googles™ corporate office that is easily recognized by children and parents.
  • National and local media branding provided by the Oogles n Googles™ corporate office.
  • "Edu-taining" and colorful child-tested and child-approved scripts provided for birthday parties and Music and Imagination programs.
  • Oogles n Googles™ corporate support for local community relations.
  • Oogles n Googles™ training program serves and supports both the new franchise owner and the veteran franchise owner—depending on their individual specific needs.
  • Oogles n Googles™ 10-day training program covers: managing the Oogles n Googles™ party program; working with Oogles n Googles™ unique proprietary intellectual property scripts; recommendations for market penetration and growth; and special introductory sections on marketing to kids and marketing to moms.
  • You will receive access to Oogles n Googles™ proprietary intellectual property scripts that have been formulated especially for Oogles n Googles™ specialized birthday parties and Music and Imagination Programs. Oogles n Googles™ scripts are tried and tested by children. Oogles n Googles™ will continue to upgrade and provide new specialty scripts for you to choose from enabling you to stay fresh and updated with a changing marketplace.
  • Oogles n Googles™ provides its franchise owners with an operations manual that outlines all the details of running the Oogles n Googles™ business. Everything from start up to understanding the marketplace serviced by Oogles n Googles™.
  • Oogles n Googles™ is a franchise that is part of the profitable growing children's market.

How is an Oogles n Googles™ franchise different from other similar children’s franchise businesses?

Oogles n Googles™ is a brand where an individual franchise owner is part of a bigger system. The Oogles n Googles™ brand party gives children a superior party experience that engages children from the time they arrive until they leave. Parents do nothing and every party is all-inclusive. Moms have many party options to choose from and can come back year after year for an Oogles n Googles™-style party. Moms can even choose an Oogles n Googles™ party for both her daughter and her son. Oogles n Googles™ is fun for both girls and boys.

How can you explain the extreme growth of Oogles n Googles with 34 franchises opening in the first year around the country?

There are many reasons that Oogles n Googles™ is really catching on. Oogles n Googles™ is a fun party and Music and Imagination business that offers lots of programming variety. Kids and moms alike love the Oogles n Googles™ concept.

What kind of individuals are you looking for in a franchise owner?

Oogles n Googles™ is looking for enthusiastic and energetic business owners who like working with and around children. We want franchise owners who can see themselves being successful with an Oogles n Googles™ program in their own markets.

What sort of support do you provide to a franchise owner once they enter the system?

Oogles n Googles™ offers many ways it supports its franchise programs, including:

  • 10-day training program that covers all aspects of management and marketing
  • On-going support from the corporate office
  • An annual Oogles n Googles™ retreat with additional training and networking with other franchise owners from around the country
  • On-going development of new franchise marketing materials and website
  • A complete management manual that outlines every detail of the franchise program
  • On-going Music and Imagination curriculum and training materials including DVDs and CDs

For more information on an Oogles n Googles™ franchise opportunity, call us at Ph: (317) 228-9177 or write to Kevin Mendell at E-mail: kmendell@ooglesngoogles.com.

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