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Throw a Zany Birthday Party in Pittsburgh PA!

Oogles Parties in Pittsburgh PA
Truly Unique. Truly Different.
Truly the best Birthday Party experience in Pennsylvania.

Select the location that will best serve you:

1) Oogles n Googles of South Pittsburgh PA

  • Serving Southwest Pittsburgh and surrounding areas including South Allegheny and Washington Counties, and the South Hills area.
  • Have your party at your place or ours!! We are conveniently located in McMurray at 3220 Washington Road.
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  • To Book A Birthday Party, call: 724-222-5437
  • pittsburghpa@ooglesngoogles.com

2) Oogles n Googles of North Pittsburgh PA

  • Serving the Northern Allegheny County and surrounding areas including Fox
    Chapel, Oakmont, and the East End City of Pittsburgh.
    To Book A Birthday Party, call: 724-222-5437
  • nepittsburghpa@ooglesngoogles.com

3) Oogles n Googles of Cranberry PA

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